So - I have decided to embark on a new journey with my social media…

I have found myself watching a ton of Vloggers on YouTube lately; everything from DYI’s, family projects, cooking, pranks, challenges… You name it, I have watched it! I quickly thought to myself - YOU CAN DO THIS! YASSSssss Woman Get in there! I prepared myself with the “needs” of a Youtuber.

I obtained the equipment:

A good camera (Check)

A Diva Light (Check)

A backdrop (Check) Some instrumentals to play so I do not hit any copyright infringements (Check)

Everything seems in place…. Now what could I possibly be missing? An answer I quickly received… I recorded my FIRST video - HOORAY! Now what? Wellllllll let’s talk about all the other skills you need - How about editing the video? an intro? an Outro? Having all social media pages lined up to promote said videos? Now uploading and promotion… WHEW! Wipes sweat There is A LOT more to being a YouTuber than just being able to make a video and uploading it.

1) Recording the Video - Make sure there is no loud music in the background… Especially something clear enough for youtube to NOT monetize your video since you are using someone else’s music. Don’t drag it out, the retention of viewers isn’t going to be good for view time, they ill leave quickly if not enticed! Make sure your lighting is right, and try to avoid distractions in the background.

2) A 5-8 second intro is great for a reality type, cooking, or personal VLOG - Make it consistent with your content & audience branding. Same thing applies if you decide to put an outro. This is usually a suggestion for viewers to subscribe, or links to other videos and pages!

3) Branding your pages with the same tag is usually a GREAT idea - this way it is easier for your fans/subscribers to find you on several platforms. Also, a great place to announce your next vlog with a snippet!

4) Editing your videos - There are so many editing tools for videos, but when starting your Vlog a pro tip is to USE WHAT YOU HAVE! If you have an apple computer, you’re already ahead of the game. Using your movie editor is a great way to start! There are also various phone/tablet apps for free that can assist in easy editing - no need to complicate things when you first start out!

5) Now get yourself out there. Utilize your social media pages, grow a fanbase, and put the word out to friends and family - although it is exciting - try not to be too spammy! And don’t forget to MONETIZE your videos!

Now that the material aspects are out of the way - let’s talk about YOU! Yes, YOU! What type of content do you enjoy putting out there, more importantly… what will you feel comfortable sharing with the world? There will be opinions pouring into your comments. Not all comments will be someone cheering you on, you need to remember that all people, from all walks of life HAVE OPINIONS! Their comments DO NOT define you! You are the master of your destiny. When you see rough comments you can delete them and move on with your day - do not take them to heart. YouTube is definitely not a place for the frail. Let your best you SHINE!

Wishing you all the best on your channel!

Check out my YouTube Intro - tell me what you think…. Subscribe & LIKE the videos! Hope you enjoy!